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10 Most Unfollowed Accounts

Don't be like these guys! The following Twitter accounts have the most unfollows over the last month.

ManageFlitter has been live for about 1 month.

In that time ManageFlitter has assisted over 30,000 Twitter users unfollow over 5.5 million people that they are following.

30,000 users and 5.5 million unfollows thanks to ManageFlitter make a decent size dataset – we thought that it would be interesting to see which Twitter accounts were the most unfollowed via

So hear you have it drum roll – the 10 most unfollowed Twitter accounts via over the list month.

10. UberTwiter
9. MrTweet
8. BillGates
7. twibbon
6. mashable
5. BarackObama
4. twitter
3. google
2. tinychat
Most unfollowed Twitter account: 1. wefollow

The biggest surprise of the list was Bill Gates. Out of the 100 million plus users on Twitter we wouldn’t have predicted that one of the world’s richest men and original technology heavyweights would also be the most unfollowed.

Could it be because Gates mainly tweets about philanthropic based activities which the technology/entertainment/business skewed Twitter audience may be more averse to?

Kevin Garber

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